Learn to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

I've bought or sold 10+ small businesses. Here's everything I know about how to do it profitably, with any budget.
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What you'll learn

How to source

Identifying the perfect business for your skill set is hard. I'll show you how to build, scale, and optimize deal flow to maximize options and not settle.

How to negotiate

Finding a project is only half the battle -- now you have to agree on a price. I'll share legal templates and email scripts to get the best deal.

How to grow

You made a deal -- congrats! Now you need to scale it to achieve a healthy return on your investment. I'll help you become a lean operator and build a 100 day marketing plan.

Featured transactions

Announcements for deals I've done with little up-front investment.

Notify (Shopify app, rebranded to Fomo)
(florist SaaS)
Cross Sell (Shopify app)
Color My Slime (ecommerce store)
Cookie Consent (GDPR regulation plugin)
Built with Shopify (ecommerce interview resource)
Refurther (strategic competitor)
Conversion Booster (strategic competitor)

Education for every step of the acquisition process

1. Thesis

Analyze your skills, form a target acquisition (size, industry, etc), and learn to form a legal entity.

2. Sourcing

Build a pipeline of inbound, outbound, and referral deal flow. Includes email scripts, evaluation strategy, and financial markers.

3. Negotiation and diligence

Case studies of our own deals, financial forecast modeling templates, valuation strategies, diligence checklist, and $3,000 worth of legal templates.

4. Financing and closing

Techniques to fund and structure your deals for maximum returns, from tax strategy (taught by a CPA) to same-day asset transfer and investor management.

5. Relaunch and scale

Learn to operate a multi-company portfolio without losing sleep. Identify power users, build a go-to-market plan, file IP, and re-invest.

6. Exit strategy

Determine whether to flip or "hold forever" for optimal returns. Streamline operations to shift investments from active to passive. Increase the intrinsic value of your projects with competitive differentiation.

Alumni Testimonials

Great course! I'm a "starter" and I enjoy building tech products. This course changed my perspective and I'm now looking forward to apply the knowledge in the course to acquire micro SaaS out there.
Mike Rubini
10/10 useful material. Great information for anyone who wants to be their own boss!
Sam Cohen
The content of this course was extremely valuable and actionable. I especially liked the content order, how it walks you through the whole process. 10/10.
Scott Finney
This course was probably worth 5-10x the price... the scorecards and pipeline management resources will save you HOURS and help you avoid financial mistakes... basically a fast-track for getting to a place where I feel confident about evaluating prospects and making solid offers.
James Sowers
Love the course. Ryan put in a ton of effort to organize all his experience in a structured way to easily follow. He also generously shared his paid templates and other artifacts. For a small price I could leverage Ryan's wealthy knowledge. What a stupid ROI :-)
Sateesh Kumar
Overall really solid content and great course! It will help my decision making going forward as I will eventually have a micro PE fund of my own. Deal structuring and financial leverage were highlights of the course to me.
Kimia Hamidi
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About your instructor

I'm Ryan. I've been sharing everything I know since 2012 when I published a book and started my first blog. Since then I've written 100s of essays on growth, product, and leadership, and founded or worked at dozens of tech companies.

As founder of Fomo.com and partner at Fork Equity, I'm no stranger to buying and growing small companies. In fact, it's become my entire career strategy.

Appearances on "Deal or Bust"

Live streaming app, $168k ARR.

B2B marketing SaaS, $14k MRR.

Sales enablement, $650k ARR.

Case Study - Notify (now Fomo)

In 2016 I bought Notify. We've scaled 600%+ to over $100,000 per month recurring revenue, thousands of customers, and a pending patent.

Case Study - Lobiloo

In 2018 I bought Lobiloo, a floral invoicing tool. We've grown it 180% and automated customer support.

Case Study - Cross Sell

In 2017 I bought Cross Sell with debt, cash, and sweat equity. We rebuilt it from scratch, doubled pricing, grew 150%, and sold it in 2020.

How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

Flagship course. Everything you need to build a deal flow pipeline, identify and close opportunities, then turn them into cash cows.
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Do I need to be "rich" to buy a company?

Nope. I bought my first one with $0 down using "seller side financing" (covered in the course). Now it makes over a million dollars per year, with no investors. Visit Fomo.com.

Will you help me find companies to acquire?

All alumni get free Dealflow "Starter" subscriptions -- a $108 /year value -- to automate inbound opportunities that fit your budget and interests.

Will you help me buy my first company?

Included in your tuition is a private, student-only community called Rainmakers. Here you can discuss marketing, financing, and strategy with 100s of other students, moderated by your instructors.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, 100%. If you complete < 50% of the material within 14 days and aren't satisfied, I'll refund. You may not, however, take the entire course and request a refund. This is unfair to other students.

I've never bought a company. Is this for me?

The ideal candidate is a generalist with a bit of marketing experience. It also depends on your level of motivation. If you're willing to learn new things, crash a server at 4am, and maintain a positive attitude, consider this a "level up."

Do I need to know how to code?

No. While this course speaks primarily to web app buyers, I've also acquired a Shopify store and niche content blog. Our Acquire-Grow-Sell strategy applies to most industries, and the Flagship course includes 12 lectures (free add-on) for managing developers.