How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

A course by Ryan Kulp, founder of and lead marketing instructor at GrowthX Academy.
Module 1 - Getting Started
Welcome to the Micro PE course!
2 mins
[Case Study] Moving resources from low yield to high yield
4 mins
[Interview] Buying online businesses is the easiest path to entrepreneurship
4 reasons to buy vs build
13 mins
How to choose a niche
7 mins
Creating your investment thesis
4 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (USA)
13 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (AU)
5 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (CA)
11 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (other countries)
Deal process overview
10 mins
[Bonus] Industry reports
Module 1: Quiz
Module 2 - Sourcing
Dealflow pipeline tracker
4 mins
Manual dealflow
Automated dealflow
7 mins
Lead outreach and followup
8 mins
[Bonus] Email scripts for seller outreach
Sourcing ecommerce stores on Shopify
(1h 03m 37s)
[Bonus] Finding off-market dealflow (SaaS / Brick&Mortar)
43 mins
Develop a reputation for speed
10 mins
Identifying red flags
12 mins
Module 2: Quiz
Module 3 - Negotiation and Diligence
[Case Study] Negotiation teardown
12 mins
How to value a small company
10 mins
Quantitative deal analysis
10 mins
Qualitative deal analysis
2 mins
[Bonus] Deal analysis templates (software + ecommerce)
[Bonus] Ecom vs SaaS vs Content Due Diligence
17 mins
Diligence checklist
How to value ecommerce apps: Part 1
13 mins
How to value ecommerce apps: Part 2
24 mins
Getting legal work done without lawyers
8 mins
[Bonus] NDA, LOI, Asset Purchase, Phantom Stock, Equity Partner legal templates ($3k+ value)
Module 3: Quiz
Module 4 - Financing and Closing
Strategies to fund your deals
15 mins
How to use financial leverage
6 mins
[Bonus] Getting an SBA loan
27 mins
Brokers, escrow, and trust
5 mins
Setting up a support package
[Bonus] Tax strategies for your new entity (USA)
24 mins
Creating a day 0 roadmap
[Bonus] Managing investor interest
6 mins
Module 4: Quiz
Module 5 - Relaunch and Scale
[Bonus] Portfolio conventions and organization
9 mins
Create a customer soundboard
6 mins
[Case Study] Identifying power users
Relaunch Step 1: Makeover
12 mins
Relaunch Step 2: Add value
11 mins
Makeover quickstart
Over-investing during relaunch
3 mins
Relaunch Step 3: Go to market
7 mins
Developing a 90 day marketing plan
39 mins
Developer Talent: Introduction
6 mins
Developer Talent: Terminology
28 mins
Developer Talent: Writing a technical spec
35 mins
Developer Talent: Data modeling
20 mins
Developer Talent: ERD creation
9 mins
[Bonus] Data modeling examples
Developer Talent: Wireframing
45 mins
Developer Talent: Hiring
24 mins
Developer Talent: Pricing and negotiations
7 mins
[Bonus] Anatomy of a patent filing
22 mins
Developer Talent: Managing, scaling, retaining
30 mins
Module 5: Quiz
Module 6 - Exit Strategy
Deciding to hold or flip your asset
12 mins
Growth Share Matrix
Turning active investments into passive investments
7 mins
3 ways to fend off competition
3 mins
[Exit Interview] - Niche content acquisition (DIY Beer Brewing)
48 mins
[Exit Interview] - Acquiring 2 products in 60 days
19 mins
[Bonus] Making your company sellable
8 mins
[Bonus] 4 lessons from a sale gone bad
12 mins
Module 6: Quiz
Rainmakers Club
Thank you + next steps
1 min