In this lecture I share a 90 day marketing plan for the tiniest acquisition I ever did -- Cookie Assistant. Then, I draft a new plan for a product I've never seen.

To review the Cookie Assistant SWOT analysis, go here.

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  • After acquiring a small business, there are 3 steps to relaunch it successfully and reach the next milestone
  • Those 3 steps are Makeover, Add Value, and Go to Market
  • To do this effectively, the entrepreneur (new business owner) must build a customer soundboard of "power users" and ruthlessly eliminate low leverage tasks and ideas from the product roadmap

While this video is just an impromptu simulation, a realistic 90 day plan would incorporate several more tasks, backed by founder data and company history.

After sharing this video with the founding team of "Google Analytics Lead Generator," they replied [publicly] on Product Hunt with the following:

"Hello Ryan, just wanted to say thanks for the feedback and also for the video review. I'm glad we stayed up late to be able see that! You highlight some really valuable areas for us in terms of communication (especially privacy reassurance) and design generally for Whoisvisiting - alongside this Lead Generator tool. It was a shame that the bug occurred on your journey and did not display the Leads in the carousel format. I think this may have impacted the overall experience. We will also look at intensifying the filtering to prevent more ISP's as this was a learning process for ourselves through Google Analytics data. But i'm pleased you found value from the leads.

We did bring the GA Lead Generator together quickly in order to experiment with the immediacy of delivery and alternative data sources. And for that it has been extremely insightful. Will certainly be taking your points into consideration as we evolve the product. Thanks again." -

How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

A course by Ryan Kulp, founder of and lead marketing instructor at GrowthX Academy.

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