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Over 1,000 students have enrolled in our courses on M&A, programming, finance, sales, and marketing.

Flagship Course

How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies is a comprehensive, 70+ lecture series that teaches entrepreneurs to build a portfolio of cash generating assets.
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Founder / Hacker

Learn to write object-oriented Ruby code, interact with APIs, and build command line utilities. No previous coding experience required.
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How to Manage Developers

For marketers and designers: this course teaches you to write technical specs and communicate your vision to software developers.
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60 Minute LBO

Learn to build a leveraged buy out (LBO) model from scratch, starting with a blank Excel sheet, in under 60 minutes.
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Sales Hacking

Send cold email that actually works and scale your company without sales people.
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Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Create a 7 figure growth blueprint in 8 weeks. Covers organic vs paid acquisition, referrals, business development, technical marketing, creativity, analytics, and more.
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How to Validate an Idea

This free 10-day email course demystifies the idea validation process without fancy jargon like “lean startup” or expensive software. Over 12,000 students enrolled.
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