How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies by Micro Acquisitions

How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

A course by Ryan Kulp, founder of and lead marketing instructor at GrowthX Academy.

$3,000+ bonus content

Not a typo. We paid lawyers thousands of dollars to create contract templates for different deal structures. As a student, it's all yours.
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Alumni Testimonials

Great course! I'm a "starter" and I enjoy building tech products. This course changed my perspective and I'm now looking forward to apply the knowledge in the course to acquire micro SaaS out there.
Mike Rubini
This course was probably worth 5-10x the price... the scorecards and pipeline management resources will save you HOURS and help you avoid financial mistakes... basically a fast-track for getting to a place where I feel confident about evaluating prospects and making solid offers.
James Sowers
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Our commitment to excellence

The lectures you're about to review below are "living." Since debuting this course in July 2019 we've already developed partnerships with business brokers, serial entrepreneurs, and portfolio managers who are creating exclusive bonus content for students only.

Regardless of when you enroll, all students have unlimited, lifetime access to current and future materials for no additional cost. Students may also opt into our private community, Rainmaker Club.

In addition to free legal resources and spreadsheet models, throughout the course are discount links to some of the world's leading providers in back office services, design talent, and advanced learning resources.
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Course curriculum

Module 1 - Getting Started
Welcome to the Micro PE course!
2 mins
[Case Study] Moving resources from low yield to high yield
4 mins
[Interview] Buying online businesses is the easiest path to entrepreneurship
4 reasons to buy vs build
13 mins
How to choose a niche
7 mins
Creating your investment thesis
4 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (USA)
13 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (AU)
5 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (CA)
11 mins
Setting up an umbrella company (other countries)
Deal process overview
10 mins
[Bonus] Industry reports
Module 1: Quiz
Module 2 - Sourcing
Dealflow pipeline tracker
4 mins
Manual dealflow
Automated dealflow
7 mins
Lead outreach and followup
8 mins
[Bonus] Email scripts for seller outreach
Sourcing ecommerce stores on Shopify
(1h 03m 37s)
Develop a reputation for speed
10 mins
Identifying red flags
12 mins
Module 2: Quiz
Module 3 - Negotiation and Diligence
[Case Study] Negotiation teardown
12 mins
How to value a small company
10 mins
Quantitative deal analysis
10 mins
Qualitative deal analysis
2 mins
[Bonus] Deal analysis templates (software + ecommerce)
[Bonus] Ecom vs SaaS vs Content Due Diligence
17 mins
Diligence checklist
How to value ecommerce apps: Part 1
13 mins
How to value ecommerce apps: Part 2
24 mins
Getting legal work done without lawyers
8 mins
[Bonus] NDA, LOI, Asset Purchase, Phantom Stock, Equity Partner legal templates ($3k+ value)
Module 3: Quiz
Module 4 - Financing and Closing
Strategies to fund your deals
15 mins
How to use financial leverage
6 mins
[Bonus] Getting an SBA loan
27 mins
Brokers, escrow, and trust
5 mins
Setting up a support package
[Bonus] Tax strategies for your new entity (USA)
24 mins
Creating a day 0 roadmap
[Bonus] Managing investor interest
6 mins
Module 4: Quiz
Module 5 - Relaunch and Scale
[Bonus] Portfolio conventions and organization
9 mins
Create a customer soundboard
6 mins
[Case Study] Identifying power users
Relaunch Step 1: Makeover
12 mins
Relaunch Step 2: Add value
11 mins
Makeover quickstart
Over-investing during relaunch
3 mins
Relaunch Step 3: Go to market
7 mins
Developing a 90 day marketing plan
39 mins
Developer Talent: Introduction
6 mins
Developer Talent: Terminology
28 mins
Developer Talent: Writing a technical spec
35 mins
Developer Talent: Data modeling
20 mins
Developer Talent: ERD creation
9 mins
[Bonus] Data modeling examples
Developer Talent: Wireframing
45 mins
Developer Talent: Hiring
24 mins
Developer Talent: Pricing and negotiations
7 mins
[Bonus] Anatomy of a patent filing
22 mins
Developer Talent: Managing, scaling, retaining
30 mins
Module 5: Quiz
Module 6 - Exit Strategy
Deciding to hold or flip your asset
12 mins
Growth Share Matrix
Turning active investments into passive investments
7 mins
3 ways to fend off competition
3 mins
[Exit Interview] - Niche content acquisition (DIY Beer Brewing)
48 mins
[Exit Interview] - Acquiring 2 products in 60 days
19 mins
[Bonus] Making your company sellable
8 mins
[Bonus] 4 lessons from a sale gone bad
12 mins
Module 6: Quiz
Rainmakers Club
Thank you + next steps
1 min