How to Manage Developers by Micro Acquisitions

How to Manage Developers

For marketing, design, and sales professionals: learn how to write technical specs, communicate your vision, and manage developers effectively.

What You'll Learn

Technical Specs

Use developer lingo to articulate unambiguous requirements, sketch data models, and design wireframes.


Tips and strategies to source, hire, and negotiate rates that yield the most code for your buck.


Scale your engineering organization as a non-technical manager with these daily, weekly, and monthly processes.


This course was made for founders looking to hire developers and Ryan also stated that developers probably wouldn't find much use in it. Although I'm a developer, my end goal has started and always been "founder" so I found his lessons insightful for future use cases. In fact, I always thought about how hiring my first developer would go before I actually learned to code myself.
Shawn Hosea
This short course is a must-see for all non-tech founders who are looking to work with technical talent in the future. Taking this course has given me the chops to write a solid spec for my projects saving me unwanted frustration and misunderstanding with engineers. I can now confidently vet, manage and hire the right team for the right projects without any wasted resources!
Ryan Metz


Paradigm Shift
Introduction to managing developers
6 mins
Developer terminology (29+ concepts)
28 mins
Creating Technical Specs
Writing a technical spec
35 mins
Data Modeling
20 mins
Creating ERDs
9 mins
[Bonus] 4 ERDs from real apps
[Bonus] Data modeling examples
45 mins
Hiring developers
24 mins
Pricing and negotiations
7 mins
[Bonus] Contractor legal template
Managing, scaling, and retaining talent
30 mins
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