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Student Testimonials

I was looking for the 80/20 roadmap to buying / growing / selling online businesses. This was it. The course gave me the right mental models for approaching Micro PE from high-level strategic frameworks to practical "this is exactly how to do X" tactics. Of course, the course can only be as good as I am at taking action. Let's go!
Aadil Razvi
The content of this course was extremely valuable and actionable. I especially liked the content order, how it walks you through the whole process. 10/10.
Scott Finney
Bought the course with a part of my first paycheck! A month ago I wrote down my plans of building something like Fork Equity and the outline of this course matched that vision perfectly. As a developer, I always liked the idea of having multiple portfolio applications each earning me some money every month but I never knew where to begin with the legal sales and marketing side. 
Robin De Neef
Overall really solid content and great course! It will help my decision making going forward as I will eventually have a micro PE fund of my own. Deal structuring and financial leverage were highlights of the course to me.
Kimia Hamidi
Great course! Direct, straight to the point, honest. Ryan walks the talk. He is the kind of person you want to learn from!
Sam Mitrovic
Great course! I'm a "starter" and I enjoy building tech products. This course changed my perspective and I'm now looking forward to apply the knowledge in the course to acquire micro SaaS out there.
Mike Rubini
Awesome course. Incredibly valuable not just in terms of the specific subject matter, but also the general entrepreneurial principles.

I wish I had this course when I sold my last company, it would have helped me a ton as a seller to maximize value. Valuable alone if you ever want to sell a company, let alone buy one.

The most valuable parts of the course for me was first of all really understanding a) the paradigm shift of why "buy "versus start from scratch as well as b) the different funding arrangements - in other words that buying small and micro-businesses is actually remarkably accessible when you get creative with funding arrangements such as seller side financing.
Sam Shepler
It was a great course and I learned a lot of stuff that I don't think I could have figured out on my own. I thought modules 2, 3 & 5 were the best. Module 2 could still be improved by going through the main places you search for deals and showing how you actually sort through. This seems like the hardest part. Resources in Module 3 paid for the course many times over.
Michael Donohue
The most valuable thing was the mindset change. When you think about buying projects/ companies, you may feel that it is something too complicated or you need to have tons of money or be Google. And you would probably throw away that thought.

This course made me realise that this is wrong and that buying a project is a really viable thing to do. There are a lot of people that build bootstrapped side projects and there are more ways than paying cash to actually afford acquiring a business

Definitely worth the money.
Gabriel Rotaru
Love the course, would have helped me for my first transaction!
Damien Würsten
This is a great course for those starting out on their journey to buying and selling small companies.
"B" (serial entrepreneur)
10/10 useful material. Great information for anyone who wants to be their own boss!
Sam Cohen
Love the course. Ryan put in a ton of effort to organize all his experience in a structured way to easily follow. He also generously shared his paid templates and other artifacts. For a small price I could leverage Ryan's wealthy knowledge. What a stupid ROI :-)
Sateesh Kumar
This course was fantastic and an A to Z in buying small online businesses. Thanks for all your work guys!
This course was probably worth 5-10x the price... the scorecards and pipeline management resources will save you HOURS and help you avoid financial mistakes... basically a fast-track for getting to a place where I feel confident about evaluating prospects and making solid offers.
James Sowers
The course was great. Simple to follow and straight forward - no BS business talk. I'm a software developer by trade - so seeing the business side of small acquisitions was an eye opener, especially seeing things like seller side financing for the first time.
Luke Duncan
Amazing course from Ryan Kulp... had never heard of this guy before I found this course on Facebook - been an absolute game changer.
Deepak Shukla
Overall, I thought it was awesome. It far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by how complex concepts were broken down into really easy-to- understand modules. The documents alone were well worth the cost of the course!
Adam Pollack
Very interesting information, and solid material. This type of information isn't available anywhere else.
Loved the course! There's a ton of value here which is applicable whether you plan to get into acquisitions or you've already got a product and you're working on relaunching or flipping. The section on working with developers was great for any business owner as well. The course definitely opened my mind to see the opportunities out there.
Reilly Chase
Extremely good course (in top-3 courses I've ever taken). Ryan is a pro.
I purchased the course because I was considering acquiring an e-commerce brand. Within 5 days of purchasing, I used the included legal templates to send over a LOI and a week later the final APA. This course was immensely helpful in teaching me how to perform one of my first acquisitions and develop a marketing plan for the first few months afterwards.
What an awesome course! You two break it down into nice digestible chunks. The Product Makeover section is worth the price of admission alone.
Very useful information. I like the way you teach things. You seem completely natural and 'on the ground'... you seemed like someone who absolutely knows what he's talking about (I heard you talking on some podcast before, I think it was Niche Pursuits). I'm really thankful for your course. It eliminated my fear of buying a sass business.
Great course material, Ryan. Lots of take away value. Thanks!
John Pooley
As someone looking to sell my startup in the near future, this course provided valuable insight that has helped me better understand what potential buyers are looking for. I'm not particularly interested in acquiring new companies at this stage of my life, so I found modules 3 and 6 to be the most relevant to my current situation.

It was good.
Mike Volkin
Ryan's style is no bullshit, really direct value, and he has unique experience as someone who actually does this for real (unlike a lot of course creators). There is a tonne of bonus content and templates provided, so you really can take this course and have everything you need to buy and grow a small internet business. The lessons on managing developers in and of themselves are extremely valuable — highly recommend this course.
Michael Taylor
The flow of course and module is very helpful, love it that a lot of the content are put side by side with real life experience. Feeling more confident now that I know other options to make a deal happen.

The course is amazing, and I definitely will be coming back to it often. One idea for how to make it even better: I find a value in knowing the 'scaffolding' of the content i am about to consume, and so maybe a little outline underneath each video could be useful. This, along with timestamps for each 'step of the scaffolding' would make going back to the content as reference much easier. Overall, AMAZING course...just need to put it into practice now.
Benjamin Crane
This was a great guide to acquiring (and selling) small online companies. Not only does it cover the basics of a transaction, but it also has advice for avoiding pitfalls on your first purchase.
Noah Brinker
I have to say, this flipped my view on private equity upside down. I used to have a bad opinion about the industry, until I realized I could be a part of it. After searching for courses and books to get me started, I finally stumbled upon this course. Best. Decision. Ever. The material is presented in an easily accessible manner, which helps my non-technical and beginner Finance brain to pick up key terms and concepts. 5/5, thank you guys. Now on to make my first purchase. 
I have acquired two companies before and this is fantastic info! I wish this was around when I started!
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Cameron Sommers
I love it when the content is direct - to the point!  No filler.  Just genuine actionable steps to reach your goal.
Tom Mulkins
I must thank Ryan and the team for putting together such a fine program. I have not yet completed the course but I am already implementing several learnings into practice.
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